Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blog #1: New Definition of Autism Will Exclude Many, Study Suggests

            Doctors at Yale University, along with many other professionals in the medical and “autistic studies”, have proposed changes in the definition of autism. This new definition will drastically reduce the number of people diagnosed for autism, meaning many people will no longer uphold the standards to get health, educational and social services. Studies show that tens of thousands of people receive state-backed services to help offset the disorders’ disabling effects. The new criteria would exclude people whose diagnosis showed they were higher functioning, and probably excluding those with Asperger’s syndrome – a social disorder. Experts are trying to find ways to alter the new definition to not completely wipe out a majority of people that need special services. But in order to cut down the number of people diagnosed, the new definition’s minimum requirement is for a person to exhibit 6 or more of the 12 behaviors under the proposed definition. On a study, based on data from 1993, the new diagnosis review would only allow 45% of already diagnosed people to stay diagnosed. Preliminary findings are being presented in a week, and a broader analysis will come later this year.

            When coming to the question of asking how this is a global issue or even a social issue, you have to ask – where do you draw the line between unusual and abnormal. This “new definition” will tell people that are using and need special services that they can no longer use them. In trying to redefine Autism to save money, or jobs, or whatever else is wanting to be saved, these doctors are asking people and families to give up their livelihood and adapt to a new world, even if someone has been using these services for all thirty-seven years of their life – as an example in the article stated.
            The majority of the people that would no longer be defined as Autistic, would be a majority of those diagnosed with Aspergers, which is a social issue. When people cannot properly communicate and interact with others, they need assistance or will not be able to function in society. To change what people are already use to, and what newborns will need is asking to change the entire social dynamic of all society, worldwide. 

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