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Blog #10: Ebola can be transmitted sexually for weeks after recovery, education is crucial

In Sierra Leone, members of a women’s secret society are proposing drastic measures to stop Ebola from spreading through sexual contact. They are suggested that all survivors should be quarantined for 3 months because the virus can still be spread for up to 7 weeks after recovery. Since men refuse to use condoms, quarantine seems to be the only solution to the problems. The CDC hasn’t officially confirmed that the virus can still be spread through sexual intercourse, but said multiple studies have showed that it can last in the semen way longer than any other bodily fluids. Women’s secret societies are ancient institutions that are found all over Sierra Leone. They teach girls “how to become women” through a hands-on curriculum that includes sex education. However, secret societies have been known for practicing FGM as apart of their education curriculum.  Promoting 3 months of abstinence can easily be seen as another traditional belief but there is obviously a problem promoting abstinence-based sexual messages. People are going to have sex, whether its voluntary or involuntary, it is going to happen and it’s not going to stop because of Ebola. Sierra Leone has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world and it’s related to the high percentages of teenage pregnancies. With the number in maternal related deaths increasing, the country has put billboards all over to encourage girls to stay in school and not get pregnant. Without proper sex education and access to contraceptives, this is nearly impossible. Besides the lack of education and health care, the knowledge and access to water and proper sanitation is also an issue. Unplanned pregnancy is the number one reason that is keeping girls out of schools, but also the lack of wash facilities for menstruating girls is another issue. The new ruling by the ministry of education has banned pregnant girls in schools because they are seen as bad examples to other students.

I feel like the billboards that are all over Sierra Leone are quite contradictory, telling girls to stay in school but banning girls who are pregnant from attending school? It doesn't make any sense. Abstinence sex education has been a proven factor in not preventing teen pregnancies. Providing these girls with the proper education, sanitation facilities, and health care access is what’s going to help from stop spreading Ebola and the teen pregnancy epidemic in Sierra Leone. 

Ashley Casmirri
2:22 PM

"Riding home on the train one day, Sydney Eden Clark noticed an elderly woman speaking to a Muslim woman wearing a Hijab, or headscarf, as she rode home with her husband. The elderly woman began to harshly criticize her religion, and went so far as to blame her and her husband for the many horrible things occurring overseas. Unable to listen to such disrespect, Clark instantly took action to defend the Muslim woman, who had remained silent throughout the entire interaction. A video posted to YouTube, as well as Facebook, displayed the entire situation."

This article talks about how someone stood up to  defend someone of a different faith on the grounds that they were being miss treated for their beliefs. The diversity in this piece is not between  elderly women and the young Muslin couple but against old world thinking and modern. OWT is the idea that anything different from what I believe is wrong and that is that but that idea is one of ignorance and hatred of the unknown. Modern thinking is one built on knowledge of what makes us different and respect of those differences. This is a sign that religious diversity is starting to become less toxic or taboo in our world. Perhaps one day religious differences will be a conversation start and not an ender.

Harding, Halyi. "Australian Woman Celebrated for Defending Muslim Couple - World Religion News." World Religion News. April 24, 2015. Accessed April 27, 2015.

Blog 9

In the article 6 New Facts about Religion in the World list out 6 interesting facts on a global scale in regards to religion.
1. China and Japan are the least Religious
2. Higher Income earners are typically
3. Age Does Matter
4.Thailand is most religious country
5. Full time workers are less religious
6. 3/5 university attendees are religious

These facts are examples of diversity because of cultural differences such as China, Japan, and Thailand. China and Japan are limited when it comes to religious freedom due to the government but Thailand is most religious due to the fact that 94% of the population assigns themselves as religion.

Another factor is the financial angel which is an example diversity because of the different level of social status such as rich, meddle, and poor. Those who work full-time do not have time to invest in religious exports and high income earners are too focus on their wealth and maintaining it to focus on religious ideals.

Finally, when it comes to ages people in their forties start to drift form religious beliefs they may had once held due to problems they have faced in life. But 3/5 of college students age 24 and younger are seen to be religious due to their up bring and lack of real world experience.

These factors show diversity through the world; money, government, and problems in life are leading causes to why religion is not for certain people. But there still are people that hold on to their beliefs despite these factors. These factors are different reasons to why religious diversity happens but they to can be overcome.

Blog 8]

The article titled Texas Consider Amendments to its Religious Freedom Law talks about the Texas lawmakers and business leaders objecting the Religious Freedom Restoration Acts. Their reasoning was that the bill will hurt not just the economy but also the LGBT community itself.

The reason why this article is an example of religious diversity is the fact that the campaign name itself is misleading. The bill is being called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which makes it seem like the bill will help keep practicing religious employees keep their jobs.  But in reality the bill is just a way for businesses to fire members of the LGBT community without it being considering a sex or  gender thing. Many religions ay disagree with certain lifestyles but not to the point where they will hate openly against them; this hatred comes from the people who follow those religions. Freedom of Religion is not Freedom to Discriminate.

Blog #10: How China has fallen in love with private education

In China the college entrance exams are called gaokao. A good score in the gaokao will open the doors to the country's most prestigious universities, granting access not only to the best education and the chance to work overseas but also to an elite Rolodex of upper-echelon contacts. For the students that miss out on their gaokao/ or did poor, the years of tutoring and months of cramming could mean relegation to a provincial university and the oblivion of a major city “ant colony”—the shared dormitory accommodation that awaits graduates trying to find work in China’s urban centers. The number of Chinese studying in the United States has increased more than fourfold from about 60,000 in 2004 to more than 274,000 in 2014, according to figures from the Institution for International Education. China now has accounts for almost a third of international students in the U.S, marking an historic high.

I personally feel like private schooling prepares students for college earlier on than public schools do. So if one can afford it than why not. However I feel like china is spending far too much money on education because they aren’t fond with the traditional based curriculum. So they are in the process of changing it and they are trying to bridge the gap of high class and middle class by having affordable education for middle classes as well. Which I think is a good idea, education is one of the key essentials of a society progression.

Candace Burton
12:00 am

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bria McDaniel Blog 10 Afghan woman returns to give country's girls a lesson in education

This year, a courageous woman named Razia Jan will hand out diplomas to the first students from the Zabuli school in Afghanistan. All of these students will be female. Afghanistan has not always been a country that did not accept the education of young girls. Before the Taliban, Afghanistan celebrated women as an instrumental part in the community.  During the Taliban’s reign, education was stripped from these women. Razia has chosen to go back home and build a school with 450 girls. Razia is grateful to America for removing the Taliban from government so that a school like this could be possible in today’s world. They still do face obstacles from the community. Not everyone has readjusted their view of women completely, so there is reluctance by parents and guardians when it comes to sending their daughters to school. In order to ease many fathers’ agitation with sending their daughter to school, one of the first things these girls learn how to do is right their father’s name. Razia is making leaps and bounds in this Afghanistan education while dealing with the sensitive topic of the education of Afghan girls. Not everyone is open to the idea of the education of girls, so Razia also has to take safety measures to ensure the protection of these girls. This includes having security and doing simple, but essential things like testing the water to make sure it has been poisoned. Today, the school is thriving with the support of local leaders and the local village.

This progress in Afghanistan is a testament to how one individual could inspire and lead great change in a community. It is funny to see that our perception of the middle East is. Many think that it has always been this way and that it is traditional part of that region to suppress girls. This is not the case. Razia is getting back to tradition values which includes valuing women. One thing that Afghanistan needs is full support of a strong, steady and incorruptible government in order to make this the Afghan norm.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Blog 10: C.D.C Warning

Recently the World Health Organization associated with Liberia shared recommendations with Ebola survivors to participate in safe sex due to there being a chance that Ebola is sexually transmitted. WHO was acting on a recent situation with a Liberian male survivor who girlfriend passed away from Ebola. When both of their genetic material were compared they had similar key points associated with Ebola. The Liberian man contained Ebola genetic material in his semen 175 days after the developed systems which is 74 days longer than Ebola ever being found in a survivor.
The Center for Disease and Control Prevention made similar recommendations this Sunday.  The C.D.C advise Ebola survivors to obtain from all forms of sex or use condoms every time participating in sex  instead of waiting three months to be sexually active which was previously advised to Ebola survivors.
The information found concerning Ebola is consistent with sexual transmission, but is no way conclusive and is a continuing study. Before revealing that a disease is sexually transmitted you got to provide reliable information to patients because it’s essential to give the patients facts.sexually transmitted diseases can also be a very sensitive situation. The C.D.C is working on finding out if the material found in the body fluids is a infectious genetic material or RNA.
It’s rare for Ebola to actually be a sexually transmitted disease, but the option can not be ruled out. Marburg a similar condition is thought to be transmitted sexually also. Organizations W.H.O, C.D.C, and Sierra Leone health ministry is planning to study the range of time body fluids such as semen, breast milk, and urine usually contain Ebola after being cleared from the blood. The information concerning the chance of Ebola being sexually transmitted came from a small sample of survivors. Stuart Nichol share that the problem is the small sample number in order to provide more accurate information there needs to be a larger sample of survivors. One doctor shared that regardless of the difficulty of obtaining the results of Ebola in body fluids everyone should be able to know if Ebola is still present in their body fluids. The doctor also shares that the test need to be available and next to free.

Analysis: The blog I posted last week discussed the same issue from this week. Both blogs share the view point from two different organizations working toward the same goal trying to figure out if Ebola is sexually transmitted. This help me grasp how a variety of people even with different viewpoints join together to grasp a solution or better understanding.


Ebony Barr
April 25, 2015
11:20 pm

Ebony Barr, Health and diseases

Blog #10

This week, I looked at an article which examined the story of a Middle-Eastern man named Ahmad Walid Rashidi who has had several direct encounters with Muslim extremist groups throughout his life. At the age of five, he lost several family members to violent acts by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Then, last year, Ahmad claims to have ventured into ISIS-controlled territory in an attempt to bring back two young Danish women who had run away from their parents to marry jihadist fighters. Like almost all other stories that occur in ISIS-controlled territory, the story is difficult to confirm but most of the details seem to be corroborated by other parties and Ahmad has several documents which appeared to be issued by ISIS itself.
Although Ahmad condemns the group and all acts of terrorism, he raises several points related to how he can understand how so many young people have been drawn to the extremist group. Ahmad argues that ISIS’ claim that it is attempting to right the wrongs of American colonialism and discrimination is a powerful tool in winning over not only the disenfranchised in the Middle-East but also the highly educated who are aware of the consequences of colonialism. Furthermore, Ahmad points to how out of touch the Western world is with the conflicts in the Middle East as reason for many Middle Easterners to be drawn to extremist groups as a way of lashing out.

Ahmad’s story, if it is true, speaks to the way in which long-standing global conflicts can shape the social environments of various regions in radically different ways. The effects of American and European colonialism for the West resulted in significant economic and political gains in the short-term at the price of long-term social stability for those regions.

4/25/15 9:39 pm

Blog #10 On eve of anniversary, Turkey’s ‘cultural genocide’ of Armenian history is ongoing

As the 100th anniversary of the death of 1.5 million Armenians comes around Turkey is faced with more than the usual accusations and arguments. Pope Francis has come out and called the events of 100 years ago a genocide but surprisingly the US President Barrack Obama has done as the Turks do and did not refer to it as such. This adds to the frustration the Armenians face as places such as Varagavank, an Armenian Monastery, continue to fall into disrepair and ruin. Armenians are now calling it a cultural genocide as unfulfilled promises by the Turks have seen monasteries made into mosques or Turkey not coming through with properly repairing and upkeeping these historical buildings.

100 years later and the Turks still refuse to call the actions that everyone else in the world sees as genocide as not genocide and deflects to earlier conflicts between the Armenians and the Turks before the end of the Ottoman empire. It also seems to be a great disrespect to convert monasteries that many would consider to be priceless historical artifacts into a usable mosque or a museum. It's almost similar to other Muslim dominated nations calling the holocaust a hoax. It's the most disappointing that the US president would be unwilling to call it how it is while the Catholic Pope, a man who has spent his career trying to mend religious bridges, is more than willing to call it out.


Possible Solutions to Global Health and Disease Issues


This from the Huffington Post, written by Cindil Redick who is the Manager of Advocacy & Communications for the One Million Community Health Workers Campaign, Earth Institute at Columbia University talks about universal healthcare. The article the describes the benefits of countries having community healthcare workers ( CHWs). According to the article CHWs are certified and/or licensed healthcare provider that go out into communities to help educate people on certain health issues. For instance, Theresa a CHW mention in the article goes around Bonsasso, Ghana educating pregnant women and women who have recently given birth. She gives information about safe birthing, motherhood and how to keep newborns healthy and alive. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 800 women die daily, as a result of preventable issue with pregnancy and childbirth, in addition the WHO estimates that 50% of these women reside in places such as the sub- Saharan desert.


CHWs are very influential people and programs such as these should be mandatory worldwide, especially in developing countries. CHWs are beneficial to communities because they are effective at promoting health, and delivering critical services, they are able to diagnose things such as pneumonia and malaria, deliver vaccinations as well as educate on good hygiene and nutrition. The WHO should most certainly encourage or implement these programs world wide.

Phylicia Smith
9:11 pm

Blog #10: South Africa and US agree to build trade ties

Blog #10: South Africa and US agree to build trade ties 
South Africa and the United States have agreed to strengthen and deepen their bilateral trade and investment relations following the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (Tifa) Council meeting in Washington DC. Under the proposed deal, US chicken bone-in cuts exports to South Africa would be restored to their value prior to 2000 with a growth factor that took into account current dynamics in the South African market. The South African and US poultry associations met last week on the margins of International Egg and Poultry meetings in Europe and the Department of Trade and Industry expected the South African Poultry Association to table an improved offer that may lead to a deal being finalized. The US is South Africa's third largest trading partner; their bilateral trade and investment relations are guided by the Tifa, which was initially signed in 1999. South Africa and other sub-Saharan African countries are calling for a 15-year renewal of Agoa for all eligible countries without conditionality's. South Africa's top exports were vehicles and associated transport equipment (representing 27% of total exports to the US), precious metals (23%), base metals (11%), mineral products (9%), and chemical or allied industries (16%).


The importance or the relevance I took from this article was the US being able to strengthen its trading power. I find it very important for the US to have resources in more than two other countries. South Africa may/will be able to help the US by trading with us, as the US will be able to offer South Africa a good or service. 

Citation:"" South Africa and US Agree to Build Trade Ties. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Apr. 2015. <>.

Blog 10: Another Enemy of ISIS is Prepared to Join the Fight

It appears that the terrorist group, ISIS, has, yet again, made another enemy. A group of Iranian fighters is prepared to go to war with the terrorists. The Basij, the group of soldiers prepared to fight, is a militia of fighters that are loyal to Iran’s religious leaders. Their main goal is to protect Iran’s Islamic order. There are nothing they will not to maintain order.
The Basij recently stated, “We all are prepared to go and destroy ISIS totally.” If the orders to strike ISIs is handed down from their Iman, the Supreme Leader, the will immediately take action. So far, the Basij have managed to stay themselves out of the conflict, but Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Quds Force is already help the Iraqi Shia militias. The Iranian officials believe that their strategies are making a difference in the fight against ISIS, but they have stated that they would like better cooperation with the United States, unfortunately, the two nations do not trust each other. One Iranian commander stated, “At the moment, we consider the United States to be a threat to us because its policies and actions are threatening to us.”
Iran believes the battle in Iraq is extremely important. They also believe that America has the ability make a significant difference but are making the choice to not do so. Although President Obama has promised to “degrade and ultimately defeat” ISIS, Iran doesn’t believe the measures that America has taken will fulfill this promise.

The enemy list of ISIS just continues to grow so hopefully the right people in power can come together and decided and the necessary approach to eliminate ISIS. With those in the Middle East fully prepared to do whatever is necessary to destroy the terrorist group, I believe it is time for the US and our allies to finally take a sufficient course of action. All the pieces seem to be in place, now the world is waiting on the US to lead the way. The military should be mobilized and we should join the rest of ISIS’ enemies so the world can have a little more peace.

Jordan Hagens

blog 10

Nardos Debru 

Christians around the world have been under attack simply because of their faith. Just like there is a new trending song or dance, each week ISIS makes a new attack and this week it was on ethiopians in Lybia. The harsh video along with many other documents serve as reliable sources of proof of ISIS and there aim to get rid of Christianity at all costs. Although there is not much that just one body of people can do, many protests and rallies are held much like the one that was held this week in Ethiopia against ISIS. One of the largest issues aside from violence is the threat of complete extinction of christianity in the world as a whole. No one has the right to attack you because of what or who you believe in. I think that something should be done about this issue. It is hard enough to build a strong community that is opposite of what most people in your country are, but trying to dictate someone else's religion is one thing, going as far as killing someone because of it is a true catastrophe and something should be done. I think that an effective solution to this is reaching out to outside countries for support and ensured security. Things like this need to be eliminated from this world.

Blog #10 Syria conflict: IS-rebel clashes 'leave 40 dead'


Syrian Islamist rebels and Islamic State militants have been clashing north of Damascus. More than 40 people have been reported killed in the fighting. The area of the fighting is heavy in supply routes for the rebels. IS is aiming to cut off the rebels from their supplies. The government in the local area has been aiding the rebels in their fight against IS.


In a war where there are no clear lines it is difficult to tell what will happen next. The local governments are claiming to aid the rebels in their fight against IS. With a local group wanting to start their own state and independent rule over their own people we can see the potential for another war. With major powers aiding the rebel groups or IS it is easy for them to start to have conflicts among each other. Hopefully alternative solutions can be achieved before war is the answer.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Blog #10 Clearing The Tangled Path For Land Ownership In The West Bank

Clearing The Tangled Path For Land Ownership In The West Bank

In Palenstine, one can not simply own a piece of land. One can buy land, but they never see a title deed, as you would when you purchase a piece of land in the United States. People can buy land, but they never technically own it. A Palestinian-Canadian company called UCI is out to change that. They are buying property with money from the world bank in hopes to help with Palestine's economy.

To have the right to own your own property has many benefits for a person as well as the region of Palestine as a whole. Owning your own land in Palestine would allow the owner certain rights, including borrowing money against the land, using it as collateral.

Unfortunately, this is not a welcomed practice in Palestine. Many people think that UCI is a for profit company, just looking to earn money from them. They believe that the subdivided land would be better if made into housing developments instead of being sold to individuals. Many also believe that the land is overpriced and Palestinian's can not afford the cost of the land. A majority of Palestinian's believe that history should not be messed with, and that the area should stick with what they know.

From this article, UCI seems to have a great point: an economy will flourish if people are able to purchase land for their own personal ownership. They will be able to take loans out, using their property as collateral. This will allow for more money to be used in the region, which will in turn help the economy. However, I firmly believe in not taking out unnecessary loans. I believe that this is a world of debt, and that life would be much simpler if we didn't have the need for debt. This may be a naive thought, but I hope to have as little debt as possible, because I've seen people owe more than they bring in because they're allowed to take loans for more than they should due to having collateral. Those situations do not end well. With the people I've known who have dealt with this, they have ended up filing for bankruptcy, foreclosure, or even having their wages garnished because they can't afford the taxes on the properties that they have loans for. It seems like a never-ending downward spiral, because (unless you are very wealthy) you are required to take out loans to buy a house, land, and sometimes even a vehicle. This causes many to overextend themselves financially, and that is the downfall of our country. I would  hate to see the people of Palestine following in our debt-filled footsteps. I believe the Palestinian's are correct in saying that UCI should leave the region alone and let them continue on with their debt-free lives.

Andrika Payne 
11:53 PM