Saturday, April 25, 2015

Blog 10: C.D.C Warning

Recently the World Health Organization associated with Liberia shared recommendations with Ebola survivors to participate in safe sex due to there being a chance that Ebola is sexually transmitted. WHO was acting on a recent situation with a Liberian male survivor who girlfriend passed away from Ebola. When both of their genetic material were compared they had similar key points associated with Ebola. The Liberian man contained Ebola genetic material in his semen 175 days after the developed systems which is 74 days longer than Ebola ever being found in a survivor.
The Center for Disease and Control Prevention made similar recommendations this Sunday.  The C.D.C advise Ebola survivors to obtain from all forms of sex or use condoms every time participating in sex  instead of waiting three months to be sexually active which was previously advised to Ebola survivors.
The information found concerning Ebola is consistent with sexual transmission, but is no way conclusive and is a continuing study. Before revealing that a disease is sexually transmitted you got to provide reliable information to patients because it’s essential to give the patients facts.sexually transmitted diseases can also be a very sensitive situation. The C.D.C is working on finding out if the material found in the body fluids is a infectious genetic material or RNA.
It’s rare for Ebola to actually be a sexually transmitted disease, but the option can not be ruled out. Marburg a similar condition is thought to be transmitted sexually also. Organizations W.H.O, C.D.C, and Sierra Leone health ministry is planning to study the range of time body fluids such as semen, breast milk, and urine usually contain Ebola after being cleared from the blood. The information concerning the chance of Ebola being sexually transmitted came from a small sample of survivors. Stuart Nichol share that the problem is the small sample number in order to provide more accurate information there needs to be a larger sample of survivors. One doctor shared that regardless of the difficulty of obtaining the results of Ebola in body fluids everyone should be able to know if Ebola is still present in their body fluids. The doctor also shares that the test need to be available and next to free.

Analysis: The blog I posted last week discussed the same issue from this week. Both blogs share the view point from two different organizations working toward the same goal trying to figure out if Ebola is sexually transmitted. This help me grasp how a variety of people even with different viewpoints join together to grasp a solution or better understanding.


Ebony Barr
April 25, 2015
11:20 pm

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