Saturday, April 25, 2015

Possible Solutions to Global Health and Disease Issues


This from the Huffington Post, written by Cindil Redick who is the Manager of Advocacy & Communications for the One Million Community Health Workers Campaign, Earth Institute at Columbia University talks about universal healthcare. The article the describes the benefits of countries having community healthcare workers ( CHWs). According to the article CHWs are certified and/or licensed healthcare provider that go out into communities to help educate people on certain health issues. For instance, Theresa a CHW mention in the article goes around Bonsasso, Ghana educating pregnant women and women who have recently given birth. She gives information about safe birthing, motherhood and how to keep newborns healthy and alive. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 800 women die daily, as a result of preventable issue with pregnancy and childbirth, in addition the WHO estimates that 50% of these women reside in places such as the sub- Saharan desert.


CHWs are very influential people and programs such as these should be mandatory worldwide, especially in developing countries. CHWs are beneficial to communities because they are effective at promoting health, and delivering critical services, they are able to diagnose things such as pneumonia and malaria, deliver vaccinations as well as educate on good hygiene and nutrition. The WHO should most certainly encourage or implement these programs world wide.

Phylicia Smith
9:11 pm

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