Saturday, April 25, 2015

blog 10

Nardos Debru 

Christians around the world have been under attack simply because of their faith. Just like there is a new trending song or dance, each week ISIS makes a new attack and this week it was on ethiopians in Lybia. The harsh video along with many other documents serve as reliable sources of proof of ISIS and there aim to get rid of Christianity at all costs. Although there is not much that just one body of people can do, many protests and rallies are held much like the one that was held this week in Ethiopia against ISIS. One of the largest issues aside from violence is the threat of complete extinction of christianity in the world as a whole. No one has the right to attack you because of what or who you believe in. I think that something should be done about this issue. It is hard enough to build a strong community that is opposite of what most people in your country are, but trying to dictate someone else's religion is one thing, going as far as killing someone because of it is a true catastrophe and something should be done. I think that an effective solution to this is reaching out to outside countries for support and ensured security. Things like this need to be eliminated from this world.

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