Saturday, April 25, 2015

Blog 10: Another Enemy of ISIS is Prepared to Join the Fight

It appears that the terrorist group, ISIS, has, yet again, made another enemy. A group of Iranian fighters is prepared to go to war with the terrorists. The Basij, the group of soldiers prepared to fight, is a militia of fighters that are loyal to Iran’s religious leaders. Their main goal is to protect Iran’s Islamic order. There are nothing they will not to maintain order.
The Basij recently stated, “We all are prepared to go and destroy ISIS totally.” If the orders to strike ISIs is handed down from their Iman, the Supreme Leader, the will immediately take action. So far, the Basij have managed to stay themselves out of the conflict, but Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Quds Force is already help the Iraqi Shia militias. The Iranian officials believe that their strategies are making a difference in the fight against ISIS, but they have stated that they would like better cooperation with the United States, unfortunately, the two nations do not trust each other. One Iranian commander stated, “At the moment, we consider the United States to be a threat to us because its policies and actions are threatening to us.”
Iran believes the battle in Iraq is extremely important. They also believe that America has the ability make a significant difference but are making the choice to not do so. Although President Obama has promised to “degrade and ultimately defeat” ISIS, Iran doesn’t believe the measures that America has taken will fulfill this promise.

The enemy list of ISIS just continues to grow so hopefully the right people in power can come together and decided and the necessary approach to eliminate ISIS. With those in the Middle East fully prepared to do whatever is necessary to destroy the terrorist group, I believe it is time for the US and our allies to finally take a sufficient course of action. All the pieces seem to be in place, now the world is waiting on the US to lead the way. The military should be mobilized and we should join the rest of ISIS’ enemies so the world can have a little more peace.

Jordan Hagens

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