Saturday, April 25, 2015

Blog #10 Syria conflict: IS-rebel clashes 'leave 40 dead'


Syrian Islamist rebels and Islamic State militants have been clashing north of Damascus. More than 40 people have been reported killed in the fighting. The area of the fighting is heavy in supply routes for the rebels. IS is aiming to cut off the rebels from their supplies. The government in the local area has been aiding the rebels in their fight against IS.


In a war where there are no clear lines it is difficult to tell what will happen next. The local governments are claiming to aid the rebels in their fight against IS. With a local group wanting to start their own state and independent rule over their own people we can see the potential for another war. With major powers aiding the rebel groups or IS it is easy for them to start to have conflicts among each other. Hopefully alternative solutions can be achieved before war is the answer.

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