Monday, April 27, 2015

Blog 9

In the article 6 New Facts about Religion in the World list out 6 interesting facts on a global scale in regards to religion.
1. China and Japan are the least Religious
2. Higher Income earners are typically
3. Age Does Matter
4.Thailand is most religious country
5. Full time workers are less religious
6. 3/5 university attendees are religious

These facts are examples of diversity because of cultural differences such as China, Japan, and Thailand. China and Japan are limited when it comes to religious freedom due to the government but Thailand is most religious due to the fact that 94% of the population assigns themselves as religion.

Another factor is the financial angel which is an example diversity because of the different level of social status such as rich, meddle, and poor. Those who work full-time do not have time to invest in religious exports and high income earners are too focus on their wealth and maintaining it to focus on religious ideals.

Finally, when it comes to ages people in their forties start to drift form religious beliefs they may had once held due to problems they have faced in life. But 3/5 of college students age 24 and younger are seen to be religious due to their up bring and lack of real world experience.

These factors show diversity through the world; money, government, and problems in life are leading causes to why religion is not for certain people. But there still are people that hold on to their beliefs despite these factors. These factors are different reasons to why religious diversity happens but they to can be overcome.

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