Friday, January 27, 2012

Blog 2: Gordon's Global Fund for Education

Gordon Brown, who happens to be the former UK prime minister, wants to make education more of a priority.  He makes the statement that “there is a hidden and silent emergency in education.”  His statement insists that there is a need for education since there are millions of children in the world today who do not have access to education, according to Brown.  There is also an inequality in education whereas education is more accessible to boys than girls and less access to those countries in conflict.  Gordon Brown also criticizes the current education children do receive because he thinks that it possess “bad” quality. Brown is making efforts to create a global education fund.  One of The United Nation’s goals was to have primary education for every child by 2015.
This article shows that education is a social problem and millions of children are affected.  Over 60 million children world-wide go without education every day.  Gordon Brown’s exposes the issues within the educational system.  Education equals money.  When you have an education, you can compete in the world for jobs and basic skills to help provide for your family.  There are many children without primary education such as reading and math skills, these children cannot compete in the market.  The inequality of education resources is the main issue and exists world-wide.  Health care groups are more successful in raising funds for health/disease control than education.  I believe with that with everyone’s input, the global education fund should be able to accomplish the same thing as health care agencies.  The efforts made for this global fund should place a dent in the “silent emergency” for education to all children.  This fund will help children have basic education and knowledge that is really their human right.

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