Friday, January 27, 2012

Blog #2: In the Middle East, Cyberattachs Are Flavored with Political Rhetoric

In the Middle East, there is a hacker who is taking personal information from credit cards owners.  This hacker wants to be call 0xOmar.  The Israeli hacker wants into customers’ credit card from online; the hacker states it he fit in to “The largest Wahhabi hacker group of Sandi Arabia”.  The numbers of victims that he posted online were around twenty thousand Israeli credit card owners.  He posted the credit cardholders’ name, email addresses, phone number and credit information.  After the hacker attack the Israeli credit cardholders, he move to hack different business websites like the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, El Al Airlines, and a couple of Israeli banks.  The action from the hacker was a politically motivated and the act was revenge toward the banks and other companies. 
It is hard to find out that your personal information is posted online.  I hope the cardholder recover from the hacking attack.  They need to update the banks and other companies’ information security so the customers do not have to go through these problems again.  It is very sad to use innocent people to get back what a company did to them.  The credit cardholders had nothing to do with the hacker’s anger with the companies.  He should protest or make a petition about the problems of the organizations. This was not the best idea to do a politically motivated like that.  Hacking is a serious and dangerous act toward everybody.  I hope Israel and the rest of the Middle East have a better system to protect all their customers and co-workers.

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