Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blog #2: Living on Thin Ice

Climate Change is affecting everywhere and most of us are feeling the effects close to our home already. The climate change is causing many problems to Antarctica, Greenland, and the North Polar Ice Cap. The places that receive the least attention are the ones that are ones that are in the most danger. Antarctica holds 90% of the Earth’s ice and when the water becomes warmer it causes the Antarctica’s ice to melt. The warmer water and the melting ice increases the risk of storm surges, coastal floods, and diminished supplies of drinking water for many people, and many others of climate refugees. Throughout the years the rate of melting ice has increased but there are many positives there is the inventions of wind and solar and the improving the efficiency of business and industry. They have become cheaper and more available. But the bad thing is that our political leaders around the world are not doing very much to help this crisis.
I believe that climate change is a very drastic and that things need to happen for people to realize that is a big deal. The ice caps are melting creating much damage and will only continue to cause more. I think that not only people but also political leaders need to follow the lead that most people have set! It is a social problem that people have started to lead, but the change is not coming! People need to start find that change so there not that many more serious problems to follow. With the ice caps melting they are causing more and more problems which leads us to make more problems and spend more money. Change needs to happen!

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