Friday, January 27, 2012

Blog #2: Syria violence kills 37, U.N. Security Council to meet

Recently, there has been serious uproar in Syria involving security forces killing thirty seven people. The U.N. Security Council has a meeting later today discussing a solution to reduce the bloodshed in Syria. Numerous killings have happened other than the latest security forces killings. Terrorist have also been killing people followed by the disapproval of the Western-Arab draft resolution. However, since there are more deaths than solutions, the Arab league has suggested that, Assad, the Syrian leader, to step down. This plan is known as the transition plan because solutions are not being solved based on the approval of a draft plan. There is too much opposition against Assad right now and people would be happier if he were to step down.
The killings in Syria are troublesome and the people living there need help with their political system. Too many young children are being killed and there seems to be no enforcement on the people committing the crimes. Syria’s political system is unstable right now and I believe armed forces should be sent to Syria for security reasons. This is also a social problem because some peoples’ rights are being taken away while political conflict is continuing to happen. For example, many young lives are being taken away due to a lack of agreement on the government’s part. Also, crimes are happening easily because some groups think that violence is the answer in getting their point across. Essentially, there is a serious social problem in Syria because disagreement in the political arena is leading to more crime and deaths in Syria’s society.

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