Thursday, January 26, 2012

Global Turmoil: Inequality and the Radical Middle

                In the article by Zach Taylor, Global Turmoil: Inequality and the “radical middle,” he is trying to address the point of the rising socio economic inequality around the globe. Today one percent of the world’s population control forty-four percent of the world’s wealth. Used to, in the days in Rockefeller and Carnegie, those who were not that one percent of the population realized that there was some hope for social mobility, unlike today. The rising socio economic inequality is not only occurring in America, but it is occurring all around the globe, in Europe and in the Middle Eastern countries. Many newly middle income countries are at the risk of falling out of it. This is due to many factors, countries are in financial crisis, debt crisis, welfare systems are making cuts, and employers are cutting back on their work force. Soon the middle class will no longer sit back and accept the great inequality that exists and will protest the dysfunctional economy that we live in.
                While I was reading this article I thought that it made some very important points. I like how it pointed out all the different factors playing into the reason that there is such large gap between the one percent of people owning the majority of the world wealth and the middle class. All of those factors do play a great role in it and we cannot say that there is just one underlying factor to point blame on because there is many as the article pointed out. I also agree that in order for the world to begin to see a change the middle class is going to have to stand up and make a charge. Some movement have already been formed by the occupy groups fighting against the one percent and representing the ninety-nine percent

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