Thursday, February 02, 2012

Blog 3: “Criminals move at the speed of Internet"

   A current global event or issue that is a major problem for the world is how easy the Internet makes committing crime, especially cyber crime. An article titled “Criminals move at the speed of Internet,” discusses how easy and quick it is to commit crimes via Internet and have a better chance of getting away with it. The article elaborates on how most countries do not have laws or the ‘know-how’ to put a stop to cybercrime. This is an issue all over the world. Not only does the Internet make it easy for criminals but also for terrorists and spies. This article points out that most countries, or people, do not even know a clear definition of cybercrime. By countries lack of knowledge about cybercrime it is going to cause this crime to continue to get worse. The following statement was in the article and shows to what extent this cybercrime is leading the world to: “In one of the major recent attacks in January, a hacker brought down the websites of Israel’s national carrier El Al and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.” Not only does this statement show where cybercrime is leading the world, but also it shows how cybercrime is taking place all around the world, not just in the United States.
      This global current event on crime is very significant because it affects people all around the world. Also, being a citizen of the US alone, I know how common and how convenient the Internet is. The Internet is a World-Wide thing and is part of every countries society. Cybercrime is one of the easiest crimes for people and criminals to commit because of the convenience and lack of laws and regulations that are set for Internet use. Not only is cybercrime easy for people to use all over the world, but also cybercrime is very dangerous for the entire world. The Internet can put each country in danger, such as terrorist attacks, due to cybercrime. From a sociological perspective, it is needed for all countries to be aware how serious this crime is. This article shows just how serious and how regular this crime is being committed all around the world. From this, it is important that all countries come together to put in place laws and regulations to prevent cybercrime from growing anymore. Cybercrime is affecting the every country.

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