Friday, February 03, 2012

Blog 3: Why the Global Economy Needs Businesses to Invest in Women

Why the Global Economy Needs Businesses to Invest in Women

Anna Sophia Riley Feb. 3, 2012 3:30 PM Blog 3

   There is much speculation about what to do to boost the economy, locally, nationally, and globally. This article is about boosting the economy by investing in women, and boosting business jobs. Women more likely to invest in the community. Investing in the community is important for many reasons, some listed in this article are a decline in illiteracy, and lower mortality rates.
    The article also discusses companies and programs like Avon, that put women out in communities to introduce products and services, as opposed to working in retail stores or behind the internet. Many businesses that use this type of marketing say that women help introduce consumers to products by educating them on it's use in the home.
    This may seem irrelevant to the problem of global economy, but companies like this provide jobs to women across the globe. Avon provides over 6 million jobs to women in over 100 countries. This means that in over 100 countries across the world, there are upwards of 6 million female entrepreneurs that bring in what totals to billions in revenue.
    This new boom in female-run business is being supported by many large companies such as Coke and Walmart. Both companies support programs to boost businesses run and guided by women. Utilizing female skills and job readiness is a smart move for this global economy, as they will perpetuate rapid growth in the economy, and help around the globe to bring in much needed revenue.
    Just as a follow up to my reading this article, I would like to make it clear that while this sounds like an obvious solution to part of the economical problems going on in the world today, many countries in the do not yet value women at their full potential. I think that this article is a great example of how things like a partial solution to a problem like global economy might allows women etc. chances to develop rights and independence they haven't ever had the opportunity to experience before.

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