Friday, February 03, 2012

Delilah Kelly Blog #3 Arctic Is Already Suffering the Effects of a Dangerous Climate Change

          Researchers have begun to notice visible signs of drastic climate change in the Arctic and are actively contributing to finding solutions to help prevent dangerous human produced interferences with the climate system. The rate of climate warming in the Arctic is something that researchers find to be detrimental to the longevity of the ecosystems. Advocators are pushing for ways to elicit the issue and warn people of the closeness of abrupt changes and policy making. Experts are concerned with finding ways to soften the causes of climate warming, warn about the drastic changes and for reinforced adaptation and recovery capacity of the ecosystems and populations. The Arctic is prone to show changes that can drastically affect the Global Earth system. The Arctic is showing signs of tipping elements. Which are components of the earth system that shows signs of tipping. Human activities like transportation, shipping, and resource exploitation greatly contributes to the climate changes in the Arctic.

          In the long run the issue can affect all aspects of our global earth system and the ecosystems that make our world unique and complex. This in turn can greatly affect the way we live our daily lives through work, school, and family life. Gas emissions continue to negatively affect the climate change throughout our environment. With climate changes we will have to eventually make changes in our everyday lives such as; transportation to work, agricultural growth, and availability of resources in our society. What we should analyze is the ways in which we contribute to destructing the ozone layers resulting in global climate changes. If we as a society begin to implement methods that preserve our society as much as possible, we can contribute greatly to the halt of climate change in the Arctic as well as other tipping points in our world.

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