Friday, February 03, 2012

Men sentenced to 18 years for hate crime

Africa has many different problems going on but now.  North Africa is going through a war on religion and now South Africa is going through killings because of someone’s sexual orientation.  Africa is rich in culture and history but deals with many different problems every day.  Four men in South Africa brutally murdered a lesbian girl by slaying her.  They were sentenced to eighteen years in prison.  This hasn’t been the first hate crime in South Africa due to sexual orientation.  South Africa wants to make a statement to the continent by this sentencing.  A lot of gay activists went and celebrated the ruling.  Gay marriage is legal in South Africa, so these are crimes and also hates crimes, and the government wants to let the nation know that it’s not okay for these crimes to happen.  This was the first time discrimination based on sexual orientation was named as an aggravating factor in South Africa criminal trial.

Hate crimes for whatever reason are awful.  Everyone is different to some point and no one should be punished for being different.  I view this as a hate crime and a social problem because this isn’t just affecting South Africa.  The United States is going through changing times because gay marriages and relationships are being more accepted into society.  People of different sexual orientation hear about similar situations like this all over the world and are affected and want to make a difference.  It’s just not going on in Africa; just because no one has been murdered in the United States doesn’t mean gays aren’t making a stand for themselves.  They are everywhere and trying to make a difference for people alike and want the world to be a safe place for them to live in.

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