Friday, February 03, 2012

Sudan responds to 2011 rebellion

The United States has recently accused Sudan of targeting civilians’ recent airstrikes. One airstrike destroyed a Bible school in South Kordofan which is an oil-rich Sudanese area next to South Sudan. Wednesday was the first day of classes and it was said that at least eight bombs were dropped near the school. Only two of the eight bombs landed inside the school grounds but those two bombs were responsible for destroying two of the Bible college buildings and also igniting grass fires. Thankfully though, no injuries were reported which was a miracle. The White House released a statement that addressed the situation that stated, “"The United States strongly condemns the bombing by the Sudanese Armed Forces of civilian populations in Southern Kordofan,” "Aerial attacks on civilian targets are unjustified and unacceptable. Such attacks are a violation of international law and compound the ongoing crisis in these areas."  Sudanese government responded after failed attempts to be reached and said that it is targeting rebels in the area.

This is a global social problem because this could lead to a world war and affect people all around the world. And right now this is hurting the people in South Kordofan that had nothing to do with the past rebellions in August of 2011. The Sudanese Armed Forces are only making things worse for the situation. Like the U.S. officials stated, I believe they could find better ways to find a solution because bombing Bible Schools is not going to help anything. Right now they are basically fueling the fire and making it worse because when you bring people into the situation that had nothing to do with it in the first place, they respond back and suddenly what could have been a rebellion that should have been resolved is now a world war. This is something that is going on all across the country though and not just in Sudan. Countries everywhere try to fix a problem by committing massacres and dropping bombs on each other. Everyone needs to realize this isn't going to fix anything and they need to come together and work out their problems in a less violent way.

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