Friday, August 31, 2012

Blog 1: Families of the Aurora Shooting

One of the most tragic incidents that happen in 2012 was last month shooting. The shooting took place at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. Many families lost their sons and daughters even mothers and fathers. The count for the shooting was 12 people were killed and another 58 was wounded.
                In this article editor talks about families of the shooting victims and their need for assistance financially to take care of their children’s expenses such as funeral cost, medical bills, and also pain and suffering. Many of the families had to give up their jobs as a result of the shooting to take care of their child that had been wounded because of the shooting. The local nonprofit organization, Community First Foundation, is in charge of making sure that the funding that was rose for these families shall be evenly distributed among them. The families were upset at how slow they are receiving their money.  They were also upset that they were not included in the decision on how much money each family should receive.  The organization has managed to raise five million dollars but has on distributed $350,000 to families. The families in this article wants the organizations to send a little more money and be assured that the money that is raised for the families is giving to the families and is not pocket by the company or any other agency.
                I feel that globally many families have to deal with similar issues to this article. When there is a natural disaster in many different places across the world, sometimes the AID that is intended to the help those that are dealing with losses does not make it to the people. I understand the families concern to make sure that they are receiving assistance because if they don’t say anything they might not receive anything that people have sent in for the families.  Many of the families just wanted to receive the help to make sure they can pay for the expenses such as funerals, doctor bills, and also because they are unemployed. As stated in the article many are worried that the five thousand they did receive many be the only things they may receive.  I feel the money should be given to the families and it should be their choice on how the money is spent.

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