Friday, August 31, 2012

Blog 1: The Jobless Generation

The article that I read discusses how college graduates are faced with unemployment in Spain. The article focuses on a recent college graduate by the name of Alex Rodriguez Toscano. Alex realized that after working hard all 5 years of school how difficult it is to find a job although he is qualified. The article goes on to talk about how there are millions of young people around the world who are having the same problem as Alex. “the global economy is failing to provide good job opportunities for college graduates and others entering the workforce for the first time.” This is a quote from the article that stood out to me the most because I feel that it is true. There are numerous amounts of college graduates that don’t get jobs within a year of graduating. The global economy should be able to provide college graduates with jobs or at least the opportunities to get jobs after graduation. The article also talks about how studies have shown that unemployment has the most potentially lethal consequences because they are most likely to engage in terrorist activity and crime. Some other outcomes of joblessness is depression and a decrease in self confidence. The article also talks about how the causes of youth unemployment differ among regions. In West Europe excessive labor protection makes it more difficult. The article discussed how college graduates are forced to take jobs that are below their skill level (i.e. waiter, grocery store clerk). Even in some parts of the world those are the only types of jobs that are available for college grads. The article concludes with talking about how Alex thought he had prepared himself for the real world but all of the work he put into getting an education and preparation is going to waste. 

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