Thursday, September 06, 2012

Blog #2: Big Protests Arise in Hong Kong over Chinese 'National Education''

Recently in Hong Kong there have been many protests about the new classes soon to be required by China. The protesters are calling these classes, brainwashing classes. These new classes called “Moral and National Education” are supposed to boost national identity and pride. However, Hong Kong education officials are fighting back saying that these classes aren’t a big part of the student’s classes. And these classes are just supposed to promote positive attitudes and values. The education officials also are saying these classes won’t be brainwashing because there isn’t any learning or teaching materials enforced by the government. On the other hand, the protesters are fighting back saying these classes are “government propaganda to whitewash history under Communist Party rule” (Alpert, Los Angeles Time). According to the article, “Though education officials say the handbook is not part of the curriculum and no topics are off-limits, critics see it as a sign of an overly rosy picture of China under the new classes” (Alpert, Los Angeles Times).  The conflict between education officials and the protestors lies between the government trying to propaganda and just trying to promote positive values. Also according to the article, the protestors are not giving up and threatening to go on hunger strikes and they are not giving up.

I see this as a global social issue because if other countries start brainwashing their students, other countries including America might one day try to do that to. Brainwashing in itself is a problem because people should be able to have a free will, and not have to be brainwashed to believe a certain way. Another reason why this is a problem is because if people know that their country is trying to brainwash them that can cause riots and maybe even massacres. People don’t want to be controlled by other people and if they know that they are they will revolt. That’s exactly what is happening in Hong Kong now because of certain allegations about brainwashing.

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