Friday, September 07, 2012

Blog #2 Sex Trafficking

Courtney Gaston
September 7th 5pm
Blog #2

A crime that is seldom reported about is on the rise in New York, sex trafficking and prostitution has become popular in states around the US. The New York police department has started cracking down on this crime by through a program called Johns School. The John School educates offenders that are arrested about the harm and danger to the "Johns" and the prostitutes. "Johns" that are arrested for the first time and have no previous record are able to attend this class and pay a fine instead of going to jail. These prostitutes that these men are seeking are not just normal women but usually are children brought from China or South Africa and many other places around the world. Most of these girls are ages 11 to 14 and have many disease such as HIV and AIDS. The class is suppose to educate these men and deter them from being in this situation again. The class also shows how abused most of these women are, they are usually working for someone and are on drugs. The money they are receiving form the prostitution helps adds that addictions and keeps them for ever enslaved to either a person or a drug or both. Once the men complete the class they receive a Completion dismissal, after the class if they do not get arrested of this crime their record will be wiped clean. The class has proved success, 90% of the men do not get convicted of the crime anymore. There has been over 3000 attendees in the school since 2002. The school makes it very clear that the next time they are convicted for this crime they will be facing jail time.

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