Thursday, September 06, 2012

Blog 2: Teen Robbery

        After reading over several police reports posted on the New York Times, I noticed that a lot of crime has been taken place around the same area. Most of these crimes have been done by young teenagers from the ages of 14-19 years old. One of the main reports that I read that stood out to me the most was the teen who was suspected in two break-ins in one day. One of the break-ins was in a 39 year old man's house located on Greene Avenue. The boy had broken into the man's house just before 5 o'clock on Aug 20. When the man had heard a noise he got up to go see what it was, the man saw the boy trying to hop the fence with the man's Dell laptop, MacBook Pro laptop, iPad, Sony camera and broken Blackberry. The boy went through a hole he had cut in the screen to enter the house and ran off on foot. He was later arrested at 5:45 pm. When police found the teenager, he was in possession of a MacBook Air laptop that was stolen from a 44-year-old woman’s Clermont Avenue home earlier that afternoon.

        This is a big social problem and global problem because many teens are robing houses, stealing iPhone, iPads, iPods, computers, money, jewelry, and much more each and every day. These types of crimes make it hard for not only the police but other people as well because they have to make sure their home is protected at all times. I also noticed that a lot of the crimes that were taken place involved the same things such as, mugging men/ women from behind just to take their iPhone or iPad. Jewelry theft and purse/ wallet theft was also a big issue when reading these reports. There isn't much that people can do to prevent these things from happening, just watch your back at all times and be aware of your home surroundings. Luckily for some people, their neighborhoods are very quiet, which is where most teens make their move to try and break-in, but little do they know, the neighbors are always watching so the police are just one call away. This puts the suspects in a bad position because they would have no time to run away after attempting to steal someone else's stuff.

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