Friday, September 07, 2012

Blog #2 "Using Ozone to Clean Up Fracking"

There is a company know as Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. that is an engineering technology and environmentalist organization that designs, develops and manufactures waste waste water treatment solutions for industrial markets around the world. The company plans to develop a process that will help producers recycle water and eliminate the use of chemicals involved in treating water for fracking. This article is about the oil and natural gas that most people around the world are trying to generate and at what price they will go to try to make more energy independent to last for years. There is also the consequences that come with these new ways of technology that will bring environment disaster like water pollution which will make it more dangerous for humans to drink the water and also for other creatures on our planet. There is also the possibility of contamination with drilling for natural oil with water and this has impacted the major oceans, water wells around the world as more drilling is being done to find more oil. There is also the damage that will impact our drinking water with toxic chemicals and heavy metals in our water and might also impact plants needed for our necessities and for animals.

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