Friday, September 14, 2012

Blog 3 Anti-Islam Video Brings Outrage

Kourtney Reynolds
Blog 3

The world as a whole is in an outrage due to the protestors and violent attacks on the U.S. embassies around the world. Protesting has started in 10 nations around the world and the region of Kashmir. These are very violent attacks on the U.S. in hopes to hurt as many people a possible. It is suggested that the reasoning for these attacks are a response to an anti-Islam film released couple months ago. The trailer of this film portrays Islam’s prophet, Muhammad, in a very degrading and displeasing light. Senator Clinton agrees, this video is distasteful and looks to be malicious.  Americans were killed in the attack Tuesday in Cairo and many others hurt in the attacks in Yemen and Egypt. Some of the countries even have taken this hate to a level of “Death to America.” In attempt to keep some peace, President Obama has taken the notion to contact many of his foreign cohorts in regards to these violent attacks. The goal is control this outrage about this video and keep in from spreading. The violence has yet t spread to Afghanistan, but in order to control this they have ordered for YouTube to be blocked so that the video cannot be seen.  The article goes on to speak about how this incident spikes a debate on the freedom of speech and it resulting in violence and turmoil. I found the article most interesting and went in to do further research. The author of this video is said to be in hiding and under protection. However this is where the freedom of speech has endangered thousands of people and the country as whole. There are special precautions being taken in order to not upset radicals within the US and hopes for this turmoil to not become more of a war-like issue. I believe some tact and class should have been into the thought of the video, but that’s only if I were the composer. These kinds of careless acts and unseen outrages are the causes for the huge divide in our world as whole.

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