Saturday, September 15, 2012

Blog 3 : China struggles with rising crime against foreigners

China is known to be the ''safest place in the world'', even with their rising crime rate on foreigners. Recently, a worried man in china spoke very little English but he told the Australian tourist that he was sorry, as he opened his jacket with explosives strapped to his body. Several Chinese people have been robbing and killing tourists for coming to their country. Most people who travel to China for their jobs are being killed, used out of their money, and robbed by Chinese men. There was an incident in Xian, which is china's most popular city for tourist. This incident was an embarrassment to China since they were preparing for the spotlight for the Olympics. The U.S Government was Americans who travel to China to be aware of the beatings, carjacks, muggings, and robberies. This is a big issue because many Americans are coming to China and either losing their life or getting robbed just for being a tourist. Crime is steadily increasing in these areas of China but they still claim that they are the ''safest'' place in the world. If more people went to China, The crime would increase more rapidly because the Chinese may feel as though people are trying to do something they shouldn’t be doing or trying to take over their country. The booming economy draws millions to China to work, study and travel, and criminals increasingly are defying a culture that has long considered foreigners inviolate. China’s Public Security reports that last year it counted 289,000 robberies and 171,000 bag-snatchings overall, a tiny number for a country of 1.3 billion people. But it reported only that murder and kidnapping were down 10 percent and 1.5 percent respectively from the year before, without giving the number of cases.

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