Friday, September 14, 2012

Blog #3: Desiree Lambert, 9/14/2012, 4:13pm, As Chicago Teachers Strike, Students Are on the Loose and at Loose Ends

As Chicago Teachers Strike, Students Are on the Loose and at Loose Ends
 In Chicago life has been turned upside down due to teachers going on strike. Teachers are on strike because they want to improve schools in their area. However, this is placing 350,000 kids out of school having to go to work with their parents, go to their grandparent’s house, stay home alone, go to daycare longer, and many other places. While some parents are on board and understand why the teachers are on strike, it is causing them to miss work or spend more money on childcare which is causing a financial struggle. If the strike last much longer, families are going to start to question whether or not this really is in the best interest of their children and their family as a whole. For those students who have nowhere to go, 147 schools have opened for half-day programs and meals and are staffed with nonunion workers. However this still isn’t enough. Some parents worry that sending their children to different schools with people they are unsure of is just as bad as them staying home. Families are also worried that with the strike and with violence in Chicago already being high that it is going to bring more danger. At this time, there has not been an increase in violence however, over time this could change since most of the crime has been attributed to young gang members. After the officials submitted a binder full of issues, they received a one page written proposal letter from the union. The two sides are still not in agreement and so the strike has continued.
Teachers being on strike in Chicago can lead to strikes all over the U.S. But even if it doesn’t, it is affecting the families of 350,000 children. It is changing the ways in which families have to operate in order to provide for their children temporarily. However, if things do not come to an agreement soon, this could affect the child’s well being and their education if it hasn’t already affected it in one way or another. Financially, it is putting a stress on families and could lead to people losing their jobs because they are unable to leave their child with somebody or decreasing the parents work hours making it hard for them to provide for their family. If the teachers are successful in getting what they want for the school, then this definitely has the potential to lead other unsatisfied teachers to a strike. While we do not know the full spectrum of effects this strike could potentially have, education is global and therefore if students in the U.S. are losing out on education, this could bring America down compared to the education that others are receiving. However, if this strike ends soon and students only reap positive benefits from it, it could bring America up when it comes to education globally.

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