Friday, September 21, 2012

Blog 4: Iran Cleric Claims He Was Beaten Up By 'Badly Veiled' Women

Suzanne Nemchek
SOC 202-01

            A cleric and religious figure by the name of Hojatoleslam Ali Beheshti was allegedly beaten by two Iranian women after requesting for them to cover up (Barghi).  In an interview, Beheshti expressed that “he thought the women’s attire defied social codes and Islamic values” (Barghi).  The women did not follow his orders; rather, they allegedly insulted the cleric and proceeded to attack him (Barghi).  The attack put Beheshti in the hospital for three days and he claims that he is still in need of assistance as a result of the attack (Barghi). 
            This type of incidence represents a global battle for women’s rights that is still going on today.  Although the women were breaking the law in the eyes of Iran, a feminist would argue that this law is unfair.  Why are women required to cover up but men are not?  The answer is a religious one since Islam is the major religion of Iran.  In Islam, women are perceived as property of a male, whether that male be her father or her husband.  As property, the religion wishes to desexualize women by requiring a certain dress code so as to not attract other men.  Women all around the world are appalled by this view and treatment of women.  Even women in Iran, such as the two involved in the attack, do not wish to be treated any differently than the men.  Still, the law persists and, therefore, these two particular women committed a crime.  The severity of this issue of women’s rights in countries such as Iran continues in the possible punishment for these women.  Since one woman is considered the equivalent of half of a man in Islam, women receive harsher punishments for less crime.  With the assistance of developed countries, such as the U.S., there is a glimmer of hope for a women’s rights movement in Iran in the near future.  Such a movement would improve the lives of many women and create a fair society for both sexes.

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