Friday, September 14, 2012

Blog #3, China apologizes to pregnant woman..

  China apologizes to pregnant woman forced to have abortion at seven months for breaching one-child policy and suspends three officials
Jaleesha Holden 9/14/2012 2:08pm

           In china there is a one-child policy, by law you are only allowed to have one child because of china’s large population. China’s population is around 1.3 billion people. In efforts to keep this policy strictly enforced a group of family planning workers went to a 23-year-old woman by the name of Feng Jianmei and took her out of her house and to the hospital. The article talks about the suspension of the family planning workers that forced this woman to get an abortion. Feng Jianmei reports that she was 7 months pregnant and had a little girl.  The officials had ordered her the family to pay a fine of $6,300 to be paid in order for the pregnancy to continue. The family did not have the money and reported by Feng Jianmei that she didn’t have the money for her mother-in-law need the money for cancer treatment. This woman was injected with a chemical to induce an abortion and her child was stillborn 36 hours later at a hospital. In response to the pictures placed on the internet China apologizes to the woman for the forced abortion. They deny that they forced her, but say that she agreed on it and that they had talked about this option before. In response to the incident many people were outraged about the situation and wanted justice.
            I feel that nobody should be forced to get an abortion. I think that it is the right of the individual to decide whether or not to get an abortion. I feel that the one-child policy in China is wrong and people should be free to have as many kids as they want. I feel that China’s population is great and the government should make a way to accommodate everyone to make it fair and to keep the collectivist prospective fair.  

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