Friday, September 14, 2012

Blog 3 Libya:No excuse for attack on US consulate

Libya:  No excuse for attack on US consulate

Tuesday evening the United States embassy in Bengahzi of Libya was attacked by protesters and radical militia lasting for nearly 2 hours.  This attack was also on the evening of the 11th anniversary of the US terror attacks from 2001.  The attackers were said to have used rocket-propelled grenades and anti-aircraft weapons.  Many of the consulate staffers were mostly hit in their attempts to seek protection from the attackers.  The violence was said to have been triggered by an anti-Islamic film produced in the US.  The film showed to have been making fun of the prophet Muhammad and other key figures of the religion.  The film was translated into Arabic and posted on the Internet.  Religion is an extreme a hot ticket for many different cultures and followers of the Islamic faith took the disrespect very seriously.  However, no matter how offensive the video proved to be, the killings were completely unneeded.  This proves to be another demonstration of the lawless and armed groups, blatantly unconcerned with human rights.  They feel they are above the laws making violence their only answer. 
The Libyan authorities are expected to conduct a full investigation as to find those directly responsible for the deaths of the 4 American citizens, including the US Ambassador of Libya, J Christopher Stephens, to bring about justice. 
This anti-American protest has sparked many other protests in Islamic countries around the world.  This could prove to create very unsafe grounds for citizens who may be living overseas in Islamic countries.
The article could be can be found on the website of Amnesty International :

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