Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blog #3: South Africa Committee Unhappy with Department of Basic Education's Lack of Progress

In South Africa, The Select Committee on Education and Recreation is disappointed with the Department of Basic Education because they haven’t made progress on getting rid of mud or inappropriate schools.  According to the article, there are 496 inappropriate schools, and nothing is being done about them. These schools are inappropriate because they lack water, electricity, and sanitation. Therefore they’re referred to as “mud schools”.  However, the Department Deputy is planning on getting rid of 50 mud schools. With the other mud schools they are planning to electrify 164 and supply water to 188. Then they are planning on delivering sanitation infrastructure to 354 during 2011/2012 year.  However, none of this has happened yet and the Committee is not happy. Ms. Makgate is Committee Chairperson and she is not happy that no progress has been made. According to the article, she has said that the committee is disappointed and this reflects off of the Department that education is not taken seriously.

This would be considered a global social issue because many kids in Southern Africa have to go to schools that are not sanitary. These schools also don’t have water or electricity so the conditions of the school are not acceptable for students to learn at. Sometimes it can be harder to learn in bad conditions especially if the conditions are unsanitary. These schools are poor, however, the Department said they were going to fix them and they haven’t. Since Ms. Makgate told the Department that this shows an impression that they don’t take education seriously; this makes the department look bad and untrustworthy since they haven’t kept to their word about fixing the schools.

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