Friday, September 14, 2012

Blog 3 “Welfare Officials Expanding Homeless Families Program By $35 Million.”

The name of the article that I read was called, “Welfare Officials Expanding Homeless Families Program By $35 Million.” This article took place in Miami, Florida and was about Federal Child Welfare expanding a program to help families that are at risk of their children being put into foster care. The way that these families will be helped is by providing housing and case workers for them. Over a few hundred families will participate in this. For these families to benefit from this program, they have to have been homeless for at least a year and have one case of abuse. Their reason for doing this is to give children a safe home and environment, so that they will not have to put the children in foster care. In the article, they said that they did this housing in New York in 2007. They said that the results from this was that families had stable households, and children had better attendance in school. From creating these homes for families, the government saved over 2 million dollars.
This article took place in the United States, but poverty is something that impacts people all over the world. I think that this program is a good thing. The article said that once a child is in the system, they are usually in there for a extended amount of time. I believe that keeping the children out of the system is a great idea. The article also said that they helped these families by job training, substance abuse and mental treatment, trauma counseling, and parenting classes. It is nice that the government is giving these families homes, but even better that they are trying to fix the root of the problem. They are doing this by having these tools to help these families move forward healthily. It is an overall good thing, and this will help the fastest growing portion of the poverty population which are families.

Danielle Holmes

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