Friday, September 14, 2012

Blog #3 Mysterious tourist deaths in Asia prompt poison probe

It seems there have been mysterious deaths for tourists In Asia.  And although there seems to be an answer most of the deaths have been considered “not determined”.  One example was Kari Bowerman and Cathy Huynh they were touring Vietnam but one day these women were sent to the hospital with symptoms of severe dehydration and shortness of breath.  And it was very devastating but even days after being released Huynh was announced dead and so was Bowerman.  Since this has become somewhat of a pattern investigators think it’s linked to poison but they don’t have hardcore evidence yet.  The death of these two friends was linked to an incident in Thailand where two sisters experience the same symptoms and were found dead in their hotel room.  Still these deaths were suspected of poisoning but still ruled as not determined. The families of these victims are shocked and saddened about the unknown cause of deaths.  Investigators that search in Thailand think the sisters died of pesticide ingestion that included levels of chlorpyrifos which can cause the same symptoms these girls have experienced.  This chemical is usually banned but is legal in Vietnam and Thailand.  This chemical has been used to treat a bedbug problem.  Police said they found traces of DEET which is an insect repellent that was probably put in the girls drinks that evening at a hotel.  That hotel has been torn down as investigators think it also had a connection to other deaths.  For now though they don’t know the real cause of death for Huynh and Bowerman but the autopsy report should say something when it comes back.  But for now caution has to be taken and families are searching for the real cause of tourists deaths in Vietnam and Thailand.

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