Friday, September 21, 2012

Fighting Child Malnourishment Blog 4

2.3 million Children around the world died in 2011 due to being undernourished. World Vision and Save the children have a mission together to end this “silent crisis.” According to a press release by Save the Children foundation, millions of children are at risk if countries fail to tackle the problem with malnutrition. In their project, World Vision and save the children are working to get financial commitments from the government of 36 countries. These are the countries in which 90% of the world’s undernourished children live. The article states that even though Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries; significant progress has been made in child mortality, nutrition, and health. This change is largely due to the investment the government has made to end child malnourishment. On the other hand, India has experienced economic growth, yet still remains at the bottom of the spectrum when it comes to child malnourishment.  Elly Vandenberg from World Vision states, "Every child deserves the best start in life. Combatting child malnutrition demands good governance and multi-sectoral strategies backed by long-term investments.”

Many people can see how big of a problem child malnourishment is, yet few things are done about it. It shouldn’t take 2.3 million children deaths for the governments around the world due something about the undernourishment of children. Children are the future of this world. Nutrition is critical for growth and development, and without the right nutrition, many kids want be able to grow up and take on the legacy of their previous generations. Common symptoms of malnutrition are fatigue, poor immune function and poor learning. In these conditions, how can one expect a child to learn the cultural practices in there society. They will have a hard time learning what they need to know to be economically sufficient when they get older. Loosing so many children to malnutrition can take a toll not only on each individual population, but on the world itself. Years to come, if there is no one to do what the adults are doing now, there will be interference in the cycle of life.  It takes more than words to fight malnourishment around the world; it takes commitment from each government in each and every country.;_ylt=A2KLOzEGv1xQjHsA1obQtDMD

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