Friday, September 07, 2012

Loryn Green Blog #2

Loryn Green
September 7, 2012
Sunshine vitamin 'may help treat tuberculosis'
By James Gallagher Health and science reporter, BBC News
Updated September 3, 2012

            According to doctors in London certain doses of Vitamin D could help the body fight the infectious disease, tuberculosis.  There has been rising numbers of people being killed by Tuberculosis each and every year, some of the cases so sever to the point where they are becoming untreatable.  Studies have been done and proved that given patients both vitamin D and antibiotics will clear the disease quicker.  This particular treatment is similar to the sunbathing treatment called heliotherapy that patients were prescribed to do some time ago, which would increase Vitamin D in the body.  However the Heliotherapy treatment went away when antibiotics were discovered and were proved to have a quicker recovery time.  The study was done using 95 subjects, all conducted in hospitals across the London area.  The study showed that the recovery time using both the Vitamin D and antibiotics was about two weeks faster.  Patients that used both vitamin D and the antibiotics were cleared of the infection in 23 days compared to the 36 days it took patients that were given antibiotics and a dummy sugar pill.  Its looks pretty promising says doctors but more trials, testing and stronger evidence is needed in order to pinpoint the exact dosage of each to ensure proper results.  Doctors say that this new treatment could possible help cure other lung diseases such as pneumonia and sepsis.  Drug resistant TB is another major issue we are faced with across the world says Professor Allison Grant, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.  SO any other new treatments that are found would be very welcomed into the medical community.  Of course there is still a lot of testing that needs to be done to insure that the high doses of Vitamin D do not have negative effects on the body.     

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