Friday, September 14, 2012

Post 3 Australia law could exclude chinese Technology

The giant telecom company known in china known as Huawei Technologies is now concerned that a new Australian law might block them because they are simply Chinese. The Huawei firm is responsible for protecting security and cyber-attacks in china. Austrian subsidiary has barred all the security grounds from working with the national broadband network while it was construction. Now since the construction is finish the Australian still won’t let Huawei’s to access their resources in their country. A spokesman John lord said” Australia could lose its competive edge if it excluded companies from sensitive project based on their nationality alone”. Australia reason behind denied them access because they believe they are a threat to us and national security of foreign technology and other areas that Australia thought were a threat. Chinese kept saying that there was no threat at and their company the second largest of cyber security even wrote out a statement that said” we never cooperate with spying  a fresh effort to allay concerns in the United States and elsewhere that threaten to hamper its expansion”.  Before the partnership end both Australia and china were working on a fiber optic network that would be the fastest ever. Australia didn’t even let Huawei answer the concerns and they need gave a specific reason why they end the partnership.
                This article was very interesting from the standpoint it was discriminating the Chinese people. The Australian companies just end the partnership just because they were Chinese. They never gave exact reason why they did it. The reason they did were very vague and not fully to the point. This is defitely a global issue by there are outcast the Chinese and saying they are spy which they aren’t. Of this issue they could be other companies that might end their partnership with the Chinese base on what the Australians did.

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