Sunday, September 09, 2012

Blog 2: The Accused is now the Accuser ?

The article that I chose this week was about the United Nations, which is a program put together with the intent to protect human rights of everyone, awarded the nation of Sudan led by Omar al-Bashir a chair on the UN council. Omar was charged by the ICC(International Criminal Committee) for war crimes in Darfur, this man is too unfit to judge anyone on any type of crimes they have done. This may not seem like a big deal, but this nation has killed many of its people and violated their human rights, which is a big part of the UN mission. This is not the only issue the UN is dealing with, critics say the UN is corrupt, countries use the power of this program to bypass the rules set up a their own schemes. As of right now the United States funds the UN a little over $7 billion a year In order to try and fix this problem the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee has called on the congress of the United States of America  to step in and not only stop supporting this program but reform it, putting new people in charge to insuring that only countries that meet the standards of the membership are allowed to be apart. Another way the chairman wants to authorize the United Nations Transparency, Accountability and Reform Act, which would make the UN only be funded on a voluntary basis instead of by United States. The power of the UN rest in many corrupt countries hands, it’s time for a change.

While reading this article I came across very interesting things about the UN that I don’t believe many Americans know about but are funding. The very first thing I found that caught my eye was the fact that we as Americans pay a little over $7 billion to the UN and for what exactly, for them to put on an allusion around the world when really they're taking our money and using it to hurt the people they that are supposed to be protecting. The next thing is the fact that many of the countries apart of the UN are violators of human rights themselves, how are they too accuse someone of going against someone rights when they themselves are violators. This bring me to the last disturbing point of Omar al-Bashir being on the board of the UN, who had been convicted of war crimes by the ICC. I have yet to understand how the accused can now become the accuser and his the victims now must fear the man who is to protect them. I believe it is time to step up and take action the UN is to be for the people not against or hurt them any way , if the ones who are to protect them are now the abusers who is to be the voices for them.

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