Friday, April 19, 2013

Afghan Women in Kabul Prison Over 'Moral' Crimes

            Although efforts to increase women's rights have started to become more apparent in Afghanistan, women are still treated unfairly and less equal than men. The Taliban were thrown out 12 years ago which ended 5 years of rule and regressive laws that enforced a tribal tradition and culture more than religious compulsions. These rules were denying girls schooling, ordering women to stay indoors unless they were accompanied by a male, and in some severe cases even blackening the first story windows so that prying eyes could not see the women within. In the first years after the Taliban's removal, in December 2001, strides seemed to be made for women, schools opened, women came out of their houses, many still in burqas but now they were appearing on tv and getting elected to parliament. But women activists in Kabul argue that within a few years of these improvements and the ball was dropped on women's rights once again. The article explains a few cases of women sentenced to jail time for committing "moral crimes." These crimes could be considered women leaving their husbands, refusing to accept a marriage arranged by their  parents, or choosing to leave their parents home with a man of their choice. The article tells story's of women who were placed in jail for committing a moral crime.
          From a sociological perspective, the fact that these women are still being treated this way is something that some would consider unethical. Just when women were starting to make improvements, some of their newly found rights were taken away.

Alice Gunning
4/19/13, 3:41 PM

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