Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blog 10: China Criticizes US for Human Rights Record

China criticizes the US for it’s human rights record that was released.  China defines human rights as improving living conditions for the 1.3 billion residents. They criticized the US for voter democracy, military operations and gun violence. With gun violence, they believe that it is among the human rights violations and is a serious threat to lives. They also believe there is a strong sex, racial, and religious discrimination that still exists in the US today and that we have interfered with human rights in countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen by our military operations. The response from the Chinese came after the U.S. Annual global human rights report was released and made comments about China’s strict rules. 

Clearly there is issues between countries about what constitutes human rights and what doesn’t. The issue lies when there is not a clear definition and therefore one country believes another country is violating human rights and vice versa. I believe that the UN needs to really set a clear definition of human rights that is very black and white and has no gray area. Countries need to be able to understand what exactly human rights are and there should be no wiggle room to defining the basic rights. Also countries do not need to be criticizing each other on the definitions of human rights in the different countries. With an issue like human rights, countries should be coming together to ensure that every human has the same basic rights, not fighting against each other about who is right and who is wrong. Human rights should not be negotiable and too many people are dying because they do not have the basic human rights. Power countries like China and the US should be working together to help make sure no one is dying from the lack of basic rights.

Amanda Kerns

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