Friday, April 19, 2013

Child Labor in Gold Mines in Mali

The Human Rights Watch reported on April, 18, 2013 that the Malian government should take immediate action to address child labor in mining. The Human Rights Watch is said to have published an in-depth report on the issue in December 2011 but authorities have been denying these incidents ever since. The field research was conducted in artisanal gold mines in Kenieba and Kolondieba circles in which they interviewed more than 150 people. Children between the ages of 6 and 17 is said to have done work such as; digging pits, worked underground in unstable mines, carried and crushed heavy ore, and used toxic mercury to extract gold. In the research carried out there was also photographic evidence that showed the children working in these mines but officials from the ministries of Mining questioned these evidence. The Human Rights Watch is said to not be the only organization that have document the issue of child labor in Mali’s gold mines.
            This child labor issue is a direct violation of Human rights and therefore has put a lot of pressure on the government of Mali to do something about this issue. Child labor seems to be major issue in many develop countries and there have been  many groups that have tried to put an end to it but, this issue still exist in these countries. This issue may never end because of the many factors that influence these situation but, the Human Rights Watch is calling attention to this issue in the hope of putting an end to it.  

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