Friday, April 19, 2013

Easy Kidney

Imagine if there was a way to re use organs, organs which have been dead too long to work. Well now there is, to some extent, using the idea of stripping the kidney of its cells and then using the person who needs the kidneys cells and putting them in the kidney structure it is possible to bio-engineer a working kidney. This has been done in a rat by taking a kidney from another rat and doing the above process of replacing its cells with rat and human cells and then placing it in another rat, it worked. This proves that a regenerated kidney will work.

This breakthrough will help those who need kidneys get them. As too often people wait on the donor list and never actually get a kidney or if they do it takes years, with this new technology anyone who donates their organs upon death will have usable kidneys for others as before it would be too hard to transfer a kidney to someone else before the kidney itself died. This advancement will also perhaps allow animal kidneys to be used as long as human cells are transplanted into them to grow them the correct way.

Alex Cartrette


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