Friday, April 19, 2013

Google Floats Renewable Energy Data Center Plan

As I referred to in my previous articles, Google has a big contribution to the discovery and future succession on alternative and renewable energies. So far Google has spent over one billion dollars in efforts and continues. They are mainly investing these funds for their data centers that take up majority of their energy costs as the data centers are constantly running day and night with no pause as there is always someone on the Internet. Through Google's efforts, they have become one of the biggest companies in the world, creating factions of their business and spreading across the globe. Within recent years, they've created the faction known as Google Energy. After the creation of this faction is when the investments really began. They began creating energy harvests through wind, water, and sun. I personally believe Wind energy would be the strongest, as 100% throughout the day there is constantly wind at places such as plagues like the beach. Solar energy however doesn't last throughout the day as the sun, depending on the location, is only visible for half the day. As for now, Google still relies heavily on fossil fuels to produce energy for their data centers as renewable energies have not been mastered. Earlier today, Google announced close to home that they will be investing six-hundred million dollars in renewable energy at their North Carolina data center; doubling the amount spent there already coming to a total of over one billion dollars. The local power supplier for North Carolina, as we are familiar with, Duke Power has come to an agreement with Google to help pursue the goal of renewable energy. North Carolina's main power supplier agreed to enact a 90 day tariff on big companies in NC allowing them to use these newly found resources. Although the tariff was created for big businesses, Google also coined the idea of the alternative energy to be utilized by residence who buy from Duke Power. This will be a great way to get the community cooperating as we should all try to slowly merge to alternative energies, especially coast states as the amount of wind and water energy is exponential. With these advancements, we can strive to a better, more efficient future.

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