Saturday, April 20, 2013

Protests Build in New Delhi After Child Rape

     After four months since the rape and attack of the 23-year-old that happened this past December in New Delhi, there has been another case of rape that has outraged the community. Police have arrested a man from the eastern state of Bihar who has been accused of the brutal attack of a five year old. The young girl was allegedly raped, tortured, and kept in captivity for 40 hours as her captor left her for dead. Doctors have examined her and say she has suffered severe injuries and bruising, including to her neck and genitalia.
     The young girl had gone missing on April 15th but had been found two days later by a neighbor who had heard her crying. She was found in the exact same building that she lives in. Her captor is allegedly a 22 year old who lived in the same building as the child. He was a temporary worker in a garment factory and lived with his father. After he had committed the crime, he fled the capital but was flown right back to New Delhi for interrogation.
      Luckily the young girl is in a stable condition at the moment but has undergone corrective surgery due to her injuries. The most brutal part of this case for me to read was that the doctors found candles and an oil bottle from inside the child when they operated on her. Doctors say the next 48 hours of recovery will be critical.
     The outcry of the public is rather evident as there are protests in the capital of New Delhi occurring at this very moment. The protests began last Friday but grew more intense and controversial after video footage showed a policeman slapping a woman protester. 
Most sex crimes in India go unreported. In fact, New Delhi has the highest report of sex crimes among India's major cities. There is a rape reported on average every 18 hours with many gone not prosecuted.
     The unprecedented protests by thousands of people in regards to the attack of the 23-year-old across India eventually forced the government to pass tougher laws to fight gender crimes in March. However, the laws introduced now or in the future are of no help if the law officials do not enforce them. If there are policemen who are slapping  women for protesting against these heinous crimes, then what does that say for the improvement of their future? I see that the community is outraged by these crimes and are ready for them to stop, but I honestly think it's the law officials fault for not enforcing punishment.
      I question why the police are not doing more to stop these crimes. It makes no sense to me, should we blame the over population? The economic status? I'm not sure what the answer is at it all depends I suppose, but it's ridiculous, we can't have people living in such fear around the world. It will just ultimately cause more social problems.


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