Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blog 2: Abolition of the Carbon Tax in Australia

Summary: Tony Abbott, the newly elected prime minister of Australia’s first priority was to remove the carbon tax. (The carbon pricing began in 2012, taxing each ton over 25,000 at around $25 dollars per ton.)  He explains his reasoning, telling Daily Telegraph, "The carbon tax has been a handbrake on the NSW economy and I will assure Premier O'Farrell today that my top legislative priority is scrapping the carbon tax because that will be an adrenalin shot for local business and relief for families too." In 2009, Abbott made his feeling of global warming apparent calling climate change ‘crap’. Majority of his 2013 campaign donors were mining, coal, and oil companies. Since this tax was introduced just over a year ago, Australian economics have been at an all time high. The price was a success, significantly lowering the amount of emissions of CO2 in big corporations. The abolition of the Carbon tax would intensify Australia's already great pollution. The past year has been the hottest yet on record. 

Analysis: Tony’s opposers use words like “negligent” and “front man of the carbon industry” to describe him. The facts laid out in the article does point out the negative agenda of the new Prime Minister but with such a high awareness of global warming these days, we have to ask how this man came into office. He must be doing something right. Or is the government in Australia truly ran by those of the fossil fuel industry? The author describes a “scam” by Abbott, previous to the election, called “direct action” ensuring mission of saving the environment. This was discredited.
The Carbon tax may not have had a direct correlation with the positive trend in Australia’s economy but it’s obvious it did indeed lower the rate of emissions of CO2 levels. Abbotts support of these industries is clear in the numbers. The some of donations from these fossil fuel industry exceeds a million dollars. The quest of abolition is not set in stone just yet though. Sworn into office just yesterday, September 18, the Prime Minister’s cabinet won’t be sworn in until next week, September 25. The cabinet, while male-dominated and hand picked by Abbott, still has a strong say in the abolition of the Carbon Tax and the citizens of Australia await their decision.

Addie McKay
10:08 pm

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