Friday, September 13, 2013

Blog 1 Big Investors Destroy Environment in Uganda

 As it is becoming more urbanized, there is concern for the protection of the environment in Uganda. Flavia Munaaba, the minister of state for the environment, wants to protect the water sources that factories have been polluting. When investors from other countries build factories in Uganda, they are unconcerned about the negative impacts they have on the environment. Munaaba verifies this when she says, "They are looking at how much they can milk from the country yet their countries look good but [they] come to exploit Uganda."

It's a shame that investors care so little about their destruction of Uganda's wetlands. To the investor, profit comes first and since the environmental problems are not happening in their own country, then it's not worth protecting. Hopefully, the public service agencies in the country will be successful in their attempt to educate people on the importance maintaining Uganda's ecosystem and how pollution destroys that. Daniel Ayen Okello, as the KCCA's acting director of Public Health and Environment, states that he would like to see Uganda in a "pollution-free environment". To do this, Uganda would need to regulate the factories, especially those that produce chemicals and leather tanning. It may come at a cost for business owners to get their factories up to par and Uganda may risk losing potential investors, but its a cost that is worth maintaining Uganda's ecosystem for the people and unique wildlife.

6:52 pm 9/13/2013
Laura Wenner

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