Friday, September 13, 2013

Blog 1: Bomb Kills 2 Outside School in China

Bomb Kills 2 Outside School in China.

On Monday September 9th 2013 there was a homemade bomb that was sitting right outside of an elementary school in southern China. This bomb had killed two people and injured up to 17 with most of them being children. A three wheeled bicycle was carrying the bomb and it was expected to of been homemade.  It has been known that China has out outrages in the past when it came to violence in the school setting. During the bombing it was known that a 10 year old boy had his leg severly injured. However, it is still unclear about what the motive for the bombing on Monday really was. Many parents are starting to worry for their children's safety when it comes to going to school.
Considering it's past, China is going to have to come up with ideas that will not only keep the children safe while they are at school but also how to calm the parents when violence like this is to ever happen again.

This is a huge social problem all around the globe. This article states "In 2010, a series of seemingly unrelated school attacks, some fatal, by people armed with knives and other household objects shocked parents across China. In one case, a man attacked children with a hammer and then set fire to himself. " When circumstances like these occur the parents start to wonder how and what is going to keep their child safe. The educational system in China is taking a beating like this since something of this nature has happened once before. After reading this article I know that things like this don't just occur in the US they happen everywhere. If the educational systems around the world cannot make children safe while they are trying to get an education then who can? The one place a child should feel safe is at school and now reading this article I don't think Chinese children can feel the same way.

Emily B. Lewis

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