Monday, September 09, 2013

Blog 1: Child Labor in Nepal

     Child Labor has grown into a widespread Global Issue, however, it is a fact that most people are not properly informed about the alarming large number of children all over the world who suffer the abuse of working long hours a day. Child labor is the product of poverty. In the south region of mainland Asia, many children of Nepal are victims of child labor. In many cases, the child travels to the city either to visit or with his/her family for a better life. Unfortunately, what is awaiting them in the city is nowhere near a comfortable life. In reality, many children are being brought to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, by their own relatives to work for the family. It is against the law to make a child work in Nepal; however, this does not seem to help any. In fact, there is an estimated 1.6 Million Nepalese children age five to seventeen that are child workers. The statistics also shows that most of the child workers are girls; this might be the result of Asian culture that prefers boys to girls. On the other hand, even though underage help is considered to be against the law, a mutual agreement between employers and the children are present in Nepal according to Krishna Hari Pushkar, general director of Nepal’s Department of Labor.

      Underage workers are truly the most affected victims of poverty. Many Children all over the world struggles to live a normal and happy life. As a result of child labor, many do not have the opportunity to finish school; instead they are forced to work long hours a day to support their families. There are still some remaining Asian nations that believe that boys surpasses girls in term of usefulness and importance in society, unfortunately this results to some parents sending their daughters away to work for the family while sons usually stays home and gets the opportunity to get education. Early labor also affects a child’s emotional state of being; many children are forced to mature early while some are affected psychologically. Whatever the effect may be, child labor is an unethical and it is something to be taken seriously.

Trisha May Antonio
Child Labor, Human Rights

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