Friday, September 13, 2013

Blog 1: Marikana families picket South African government

Hundreds of family members of the victims from the Marikana mine shootings marched on South African government buildings Thursday to protest the lack of state funding for survivors of shootings at the Marikana mine. On August 16, forty-four miners were killed and 270 were injured or arrested by the South African Police Service for protesting for better work conditions. This incident was the most lethal use of force by the South African security forces against civilians since the Sharpeville massacre during the apartheid times. Controversy arised after the discovery that most victims were shot in the back and many were shot far from police lines when the massacre occurred.  The issue for government officials to provide funding for family members of the victims is going to be very important for next year’s elections.

            Most of these families depended on the income that they received from their loved ones who were killed at the mines where they were protesting for being exploited.  Now that these family members are not receiving that income, they are more than ever depending on the state funding to make ends meet. If something is not done soon, these families will not have financial means to survive especially since there is already a lack of employment in their area.  This problem is also due to globalization because the workers were being paid at very low wages in order for the owners to make high profits.  Although this is unfair to those families and workers affected by the violence, there is still nothing being done for them.  

Karina Velazquez 

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