Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Blog #1: Polio Virus Found in Jerusalem’s Sewer

               In 1955 the United States came up with a vaccine that could decrease and cure the poliovirus. Many children and adults were getting this deadly virus all around the world. The Polio Virus has been found again throughout the Jerusalem sewer system for the first time since Israel had extinguished the disease. Israel is now having a global vaccination drive to give a million children under the age of ten liquid drops containing a live vaccine that is a very risky product to be using even though they will provide greater protection. Israel’s supreme court vetoed this motion quickly to freeze the campaign. This Poliovirus is very contagious and was also found in June close to a small city in the Negev desert inhabited by Bedouins that means it is slowly spreading up north. No one has been paralyzed by polio in Israel since 1988 but the people who get infected have traces of it in their feces for weeks.


              The National Vaccination Campaign giving out the vaccinations to prevent the poliovirus has issued letters to distribute among the parents who have not yet vaccinated their children. “We urge the children to get the vaccine to ensure their kids receive the medication to prevent the transmission of the disease,” Channel 2 reported. The proposed solution of these vaccines could be more dangerous than the problem itself. “The recommendation being implemented in Israel is smart and guided by advisement of the [US] Centers for Disease Control. The group in the lawsuit simply disregards the CDC as an honest adviser,” and thereby risks the public’s health, he said. “There is no documentation scientifically of their concerns.” (David Shamah) We just need to keep these horrible diseases away from our children and keep fighting to keep them safe because they are our future. 

 Kaley Stapleton
September 11, 2013
2:30 pm

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