Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blog 1: Syria Plan in Limbo, Obama asks Congress to Postpone Strike Vote

It's pretty obvious that the issues that we have encountered with Syria have gone from bad to worse. A couple of days ago President Obama was pushing for the United States to take military action against Syria, and even though he doesn't need any hear say from congress to take military action he decided to ask for their vote in hopes that congress would side with him and welcome the idea of stopping Syria with military force. While it was never ok for people in Syria to kill each other in the ongoing civil war that they are in. President Obama felt it was our job to put an end to it when Assad decided to kill hundreds of people by gassing them to death. Making it obvious that chemical warfare was being used. President Obama since then has opted to wait because of the arrival of a new proposition by Russia to take Syria's weapons in their possession and hopefully dismantle them.

The way the Assad has carried military actions against his own people is inhumane and clearly should be beyond his power. Taking chemical weapons and using them to kill hundreds of your people is simply ridiculous. I don't see taking military action beneficial to anyone right now, specially the United States. We are still getting out of Afghanistan and it was not to long ago that we got out of Iraq. We are in no shape to put boots on the ground in Syria. We are already in debt and this would only push us further down, President Obama did good by postponing any attacks and instead let the government do what its meant to do, take care of problems like this without lives being put on the line.

 Enrique Diaz

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